Stop Motion Memories

Studio Introduction

James Addison

Humans have a unique ability to associate objects with memories and past experiences - a pair of shoes from an adventure to the Isle of Arran, a bowl used every weekend when baking with your siblings, a souvenir from a favorite holiday with family - objects, memories, and experiences are deeply intertwined. 

In this studio we will draw inspiration from everyday objects in your home, and you will use stop-motion animation to create a short film that brings to life memories and stories from your past. A small blob of clay can transform into a moving character, board game pieces can become ingredients for guacamole, and flowers and leaves can turn into a flying bird - stop-motion is a powerful storytelling tool that can bring inanimate and otherwise still things to life in ways that traditional film cannot.

Throughout the studio, you will also develop technical skills in film-making including animation techniques, composition, lighting, storytelling, photography, motion design, set design, and more.

Unlike previous studios, you will undertake your stop-motion films individually, allowing you an opportunity to develop your unique style, voice, and approach to the project. While the overall project will be an individual endeavor, throughout the studio you will be collaborating with your peers in a variety of other ways, including providing feedback and critique of each others work. This will be a very important practice for us to maintain our collaborative NuVu studio culture while working together virtually and remotely for the first time. We are all up to the challenge!