Navigating the City (S1_C)

Welcome to the Innovation Lab

Luis Carbajal


Luis Carbajal

When your phone is in your left hand and you've got your ice cream cone in your right, what are you going to do about that door? And when you wind your way through Ibrox Stadium at the end of a football match, sashay down Buchanan Street on a Sunday, or try to stay upright in the subway, you've to focus your attention on the people and things around you, lest you should stumble. But what if you want more from these moments in transit? Why not create a device so that your morning hot cocoa doesn't spill as you're careening around a sharp turn on the subway? Or allow you to navigate the street while your check out the latest Grams on your way to school? Or give your best friend a high five as you walk by her on your way to school while catching up on your maths?

These may sound like space-age ideas, but the future of cities is now. Since 2015, thousands of people in Sweden have been microchipped with digital keys the size of a grain of rice that can pay for their train rides with the wave of a hand. Just this year, electric scooters have taken over cities. We are using these technologies to help us adapt and make life in the city easier. 

In this studio, students will create body extension tools that will allow them to interact with Kelvinside and the city in ways never thought possible. The students will utilize electronic sensors and microcontrollers to control and develop the behavior of the future's commuter.